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ASTS Usage Policy

Please review the ASTS Usage Policy before clicking agree on the registration form when asked.

(By clicking "disagree" your account will be disabled and you will not be able to use ASTS services.)

  1. I cannot ask my tutor to complete any homework or major course assignments for me and doing so may lead to my account being disabled.
  2. I will consistently attend my sessions in a timely manner and inform my tutor if I will be late. If I am over 15 minutes late, the tutor has the right to cancel my session regardless if they were notified or not.
  3. I must cancel my sessions in a timely manner or contact my tutor to cancel the session for me or else I will receive a No-Show and my account will be possibly disabled.
  4. I cannot ask for help in a course ASTS does not provide tutoring for and my session can be cancelled anytime.
  5. I must email the tutor to request for a same-day or next day session and there is no guarantee I will receive it if the tutor is unable to.
  6. My sessions could be cancelled by the tutor anytime if I am not specific in terms of what I want out of the tutoring session (ex. putting "everything“, “Exam Review”, "Chapter 1" (Without including the name of the chapter or concept it covers), or asking for help on an assignment) and I do not specify that to my tutor prior to my session.
  7. I cannot expect nor am I entitled to a one-on-one session if more than one person can join my tutoring session.
  8. If I bring other students who do not have an account they must make an account and I must inform my tutor prior to the session or my account may be disabled. 
  9. If my account is disabled, I must contact the tutorial coordinator to try to re-enable my account and not create a new account using a different email address or else that account will also be disabled.
  10. I will not create multiple accounts on the ASTS website under a pseudo name/person or else my accounts will be disabled.
  11. I will respect the tutor’s expectations and boundaries during and outside of the tutoring session.
  12. During in-person tutoring, I will comply with COVID procedures (e.g. Mask on throughout the session) otherwise my tutor has the right to end the session.
  13. Not agreeing to any of these rules in the policy can lead to my account being disabled and me no longer being able to use ASTS services.